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Little Nap was rescued as an orphan with cold stress on April 6, 2008 from Gordon River in Naples, Collier County, Florida. He was 174 lbs and 150 cm long at the time of rescue and was rehabilitated at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. He was later transported to Parker Aquarium in Bradenton, Florida and then moved back to Lowry Park Zoo in late November 2009. Little Nap was released on February 16, 2010 at Three Sisters in Crystal River, Florida. He weighed 955 lbs and was 256 cm long at on the day of his release.

  1. 04/20/2011 09:15 PM
    • 2/10/11-2/28/11: Little Nap was seen on Wednesday, 2/16/11, in the sanctuary just outside the entrance to Three Sisters Springs with about 30-40 other animals. He appeared to still be in very good condition. 

      1/18/11-1/27/11: Little Nap was observed on Friday, 1/07/11, in Crystal River east of Bagley Cove, bottom-resting with two other animals. He then started traveling downstream, periodically stopping to mill and possibly feed, sometimes alone and sometimes with 1-2 other manatees. He continued his rather focused travel downstream towards Bagley Cove. Feeding could not be confirmed, but other manatees in the area with him were observed feeding. 

      On Tuesday, 1/18/11, Little Naps tag was recovered in Kings Bay. Given the positive signs of adaptation he has shown all year, it was discussed that upon finding Little Nap he would be given a body condition, and if he was still doing well he would be considered a success and his equipment would be removed. 

      On Thursday, 1/27/11, Little Nap was re-tagged by USGS for observation convenience and then given an in-water body condition by Buddy, who determined he looked great and was ready for his equipment to be removed for the year. Thanks so much to USGS for all their help! 

      1/08/11-1/17/11: Little Nap was observed on Friday, 1/14/11, at a smaller spring near Main Spring in Kings Bay. More than 100 animals were there, and he cavorted and socialized with some of them. 

      12/29/10-1/07/11: Little Nap was observed on Wednesday, 12/29/10, at Kings Spring with about 7 other animals. They milled and traveled out of the sanctuary westward into the next sanctuary, where they bottom-fed. 

      12/22/10-12/28/10: Little Nap was seen on Wednesday, 12/22/10, halfway down Crystal River. He appeared to be by himself, though other animals were in the area. He milled along the south shore of the river opposite the cove and was possibly feeding, then traveled across the channel to the north shore of the river. 

      12/13/10-12/21/10: Little Nap was seen on Friday, 12/17/10, in the middle spring of Three Sisters. He milled briefly but spent the majority of the observation period bottom-resting with about 180 other animals. Kayaks and swimmers in the area were careful not to disturb the sleeping animals there and a volunteer was also at the spring to enforce this. 

      12/02/10-12/12/10: Little Nap was seen on Monday, 11/29/10, bottom-resting in the sanctuary at Banana Island in Kings Bay with at least one other animal (Baby Coral). During the visual he milled slowly towards the middle of the sanctuary, then resumed resting. 

      11/23/10-12/01/10: Little Nap was seen on Saturday, 11/13/10, resting and milling in northwestern Kings Bay north of the community of Palm Springs. He was with 2 other animals and briefly fed on unknown vegetation.

  2. 04/20/2011 09:15 PM
    • 11/04/10-11/22/10: Little Nap was observed on Tuesday, 11/09/10, in Kings Bay on the south side of Buzzard Island bottom-resting with 4 other animals. Gas was seen from him during the visual. Several boats passed within 50 meters of him at idle speed but did not cause a change in behavior. Water temperature was 20C. 

      10/25/10-11/03/10: Little Nap socialized and milled with one other animal on Tuesday, 11/02/10, in the southwest corner of Kings Bay. Water temperature that day was 24C. During the temperature drop this weekend he moved to Main Spring at Banana Island as of Saturday, 11/06/10. 

      10/14/10-10/24/10: Little Nap socialized and milled with 4 other animals including Baby Coral in the southwest corner of Kings Bay on Friday, 10/15/10. He was seen again on Thursday, 10/21/10, socializing, milling, cavorting, and possibly mating in a group of 4 other animals. 

      10/03/10-10/13/10: Little Nap was observed on Saturday, 10/09/10, along the north shore of the grass flats in the southwest corner of Kings Bay. He was socializing and milling with four other animals. Gas was observed from him during the visual, indicating that he has been feeding. 

      9/20/10-10/02/10: Little Nap was observed on Tuesday, 9/21/10, with 2 other animals in the southwest corner of Kings Bay. He socialized with the others and milled. 

      9/08/10-9/19/10: Little Nap was seen on Thursday, 9/09/10, in a tiny creek in Kings Bay, milling by himself. He was further south in the same area on Saturday, 9/18/10, milling and socializing with 2 other animals. 

      8/31/10-9/07/10: Little Nap was observed on Tuesday, 8/31/10, in south Kings Bay with two other animals. He bottom-rested, then milled and socialized with the others. Lots of animals were observed in the area, including a mating herd. 

      8/21/10-8/30/10: Little Nap was seen on Friday, 8/27/10, in the southwest corner of Kings Bay with one other animal. Lots of others were seen in the area. He bottom-rested and then socialized with some of the others.  

      8/11/10-8/20/10: Little Nap was observed on Saturday, 8/14/10, in the southwest corner of Kings Bay. He was with 2 other animals milling and socializing, possibly feeding on hydrilla at one point but it could not be confirmed. There were a lot of other animals in the area. 

      7/28/10-8/10/10: Little Nap was seen on Sunday, 8/01/10, in Crystal River near the mouth of the river by marker 4. He was by himself and milling at the entrance to the creek on the north side of the river, then bottom-rested. 

      7/14/10-7/27/10: Little Nap was observed at the mouth of Crystal River in a small cove just off the main river channel on Wednesday, 7/14/10. He was resting, milling, and occasionally traveling, as well as possibly feeding. There was one point where he began rolling and could have possibly been with another animal, but his nose was the only one observed. 

      6/30/10-7/13/10: Little Nap was spotted socializing and feeding with Coral Lee on Saturday, 7/03/10. Melody was then able to re-tag him with a green and yellow tag. Little Naps body condition was excellenthe had a rounded belly and no folds. 

      6/19/10-6/29/10: Sea To Shore is still attempting to re-tag Little Nap. He was sighted in the Three Sisters area by Chris, a dive tour captain, on Thursday, 6/24/10, but was gone by the time we were able to respond that afternoon. 

      6/10/10 6/18/10: Little Nap's tag was recovered on Saturday, 6/12/10, on the south shore of Crystal River just east of Bagley Cove stuck in grasses. Sea To Shore has been listening for Little Naps belt throughout Crystal River and beyond the mouth and is scheduling a flight to further attempt to locate and re-tag him. 

      6/02/10 6/09/10: On Monday, 5/31/10, Little Nap was observed in Kings Bay northwest of Buzzard Island with 3 other animals. Boat traffic was somewhat heavy there because of Memorial Day, and several small boats passed by the group at slow speed. Little Nap dove and traveled away to avoid them. The group milled north into a canal on the west side of the bay. 

      5/25/10 6/01/10: Little Nap was observed west of Bagley Cove on Wednesday, 5/26/10, traveling eastward back toward Kings Bay with one other animal. 

      5/18/10-5/24/10: Little Nap had moved out of Crystal River and was observed on Tuesday, 5/18/10, feeding and socializing with 2 other animals at the mouth of the river in a sawgrass marsh area. 

      5/11/10-5/17/10: Little Nap was observed on Monday, 5/10/10, in Bagley Cove off Crystal River near marker 23, socializing and cavorting with at least four other animals. 

      5/06/10-5/10/10: Little Nap was observed in Bagley Cove on Monday, 5/03/10, socializing with one other animal. 

      4/28/10-5/05/10: Little Nap began the week out in the islands at the end of Salt River, then traveled back up the river to Bagley Cove and was observed there on Tuesday, 4/27/10, with one other animal as he bottom-rested, milled, and socialized. On Wednesday, 4/28/10, he continued east to Kings Bay, then later in the week came back to Bagley Cove. 

      4/20/10-4/27/10: Little Nap has spent most of the week out in the islands at the end of Crystal River. 

      4/13/10-4/19/10: On Monday, 4/12/10, Little Nap and two other animals socialized at the end of Crystal River on the north shore between the two larger islands there. He was seen again on Wednesday, 4/14/10, by himself at the entrance to the long canal just east of the fork in the river. He was observed traveling and milling north up the canal and briefly approached a pontoon boat before traveling away.

  3. 04/20/2011 09:14 PM
    • Before April 2010 Field Notes are in Chronological Order


      2/16/10 -2/28/10: On Tuesday, 2/16/10, Little Nap was released at Three Sisters Springs by Lowry Park Zoo and Sea to Shore Alliance. He stayed in the nearby area that afternoon exploring and socializing with the other animals there. Little Nap was in Three Sisters Springs on Wednesday, 2/17/10, and went out to the entrance of Crystal River by the end of the week, returning to Three Sisters Springs by Thursday, 2/25/10, where he was observed socializing with 8 other animals including Coral Lee. He was seen at Three Sisters Springs again on Friday, 2/26/10, with Coral Lee, and the two traveled out to the sanctuary just outside the springs. Little Nap's ability to find his way back to Three Sisters is very encouraging. 

      3/01/10-3/08/10: Little Nap socialized with 10+ animals including Coral Lee on Monday, 3/01/10, at Three Sisters Springs. On Wednesday, 3/03/10, he was again observed socializing at Three Sisters with 9 other animals including CC and Myra. 

      3/09/10-3/15/10: Little Nap was observed on Wednesday, 3/10/10, on the northwest shore of Banana Island within the seasonal sanctuary. He was with three other animals, milling, socializing, and bottom-resting. He was seen again on Saturday, 3/13/10, in Three Sisters Springs. He socialized and bottom-rested with 13 other animals there including CC and Coral Lee. 

      3/16/10-3/23/10: Little Nap was observed by himself on Tuesday, 3/16/10, in a canal south of Banana Island in Kings Bay. On Friday, 3/19/10, he was in the main spring in the Banana Island sanctuary. 

      3/24/10-3/31/10: Little Nap was observed on Monday, 3/22/10, socializing with about 20 other animals at Three Sisters Springs. His tag was discovered under a dock in Magnolia Springs on Monday, 3/29/10. He was then re-tagged on Wednesday, 3/31/10, at Hunter Spring by Melody. 

      4/01/10-4/06/10: After being re-tagged on 3/31/10, an in-water body condition was obtained, and Little Nap looks great and has a rounded belly. 

      4/07/10-4/12/10: Little Nap was seen on Wednesday, 4/07/10, at the mouth of Crystal River in a canal on the northern shore. He was by himself and bottom-resting.

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