About Neuson

Gender: Male
Current Tag Id: 98098

Neuson was rescued as a calf with his injured mother from Port of the Islands in Collier County, Florida on March 21, 2016.  Neuson was only 178 centimeters long and weighed 300 pounds at the time of his rescue.  Both Neuson and his mother were transported to Zoo Tampa for rehabilitation but his mother did not survive her injuries.  

Neuson was transferred to Homosassa Springs State Park to continue his rehabilitation and later was moved to Seaworld of Florida.  He was released on November 6, 2018 back into the waterways of Port of the Islands and will be monitored by Sea to Shore Alliance. Neuson was 236 centimeters in length and weighed 630 pounds at the time of his release.

  1. 12/29/2018 09:00 AM
    • Neuson was stationary in a shallow fork in a river off of Fakahatchee Bay. After an in-water assessment attempt, he started moving towards the bay. He stopped when he met up with three other manatees in the river milling and socializing with them around the area. It did not appear that they were feeding but at one point his head lifted out of the water and his mouth had green algae on it. Neuson avoided the boat whether running or still, redirecting his path whenever he came near it.


  2. 12/15/2018 09:00 AM
    • Neuson was observed traveling quickly through a bay in the Everglades National Park. He was extremely skittish of boats being anywhere near him even without the engine running. Neuson never stopped moving but would at times mill around an area briefly before moving on again. He traveled into a small back bay surrounded by shallow shoals and oyster beds, essentially ending the observation.

  3. 12/01/2018 12:00 PM
    • A citizen observed Neuson in the Everglades National Park traveling with another large sized manatee.

  4. 11/26/2018 02:20 PM
    • Neuson was traveling quickly across Chokoloskee Bay. He paused briefly while some dolphins interacted with his tag. He continued to travel at a brisk pace for the remainder of the observation.

  5. 11/16/2018 08:15 AM
    • Neuson was traveling during the entire observation.  A boat came through the area very fast and Neuson moved closer to the shore. The water was a little clearer here and it was possible to get a quick visual before he moved into deeper water again. The visual revealed nothing of note however it was very brief. Neuson continued traveling across Chokoloskee Bay and into the river.

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