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BriarRose was rescued a stranded orphan calf on New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida on February 26, 2018.  She was only 196 centimeters long and weighed 264 pounds at the time of her rescue.  BriarRose was transported to SeaWorld for rehabilitation and then transferred to Jacksonville Zoo for continued Care.  She was released in Oakhill, Volusia County, Florida on November 14, 2018 and will be monitored by Sea to Shore Alliance.  BriarRose was 226 centimeters in length and 565 pounds at the time of her release. 


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      12/10/2018 15:43pm


      BriarRose was rescued due to poor habitat choices with the help of FWC, Jacksonville Zoo and Sea to Shore staff.  She had remained in Spruce Creek after the onset of two cold fronts which had driven the water temperatures to levels of concern for her health if she remained there for a longer duration.  She was transported to SeaWorld of Florida for care and will be re-released into a warm water site after recuperation.


      12/7/2018 11:00am

      BriarRose was milling near the shoreline. Several times when taking a breath, she would lift her whole head out of the water making a smacking sound when coming down. She did this when milling, traveling, and stationary. BriarRose slowly made her way down river, stopping to mill every so often. She was had an avoidance response to boats, crossing the river or ducking under docks when it would get close.



      12/5/2018 10:00am

      BriarRose was slowly moving down river, stopping occasionally to mill near the shoreline. At one point she moved into a small creek off the main river and rested for a short period of time before moving back into the main river. She continued to travel down the river for the rest of the observation. No other manatees were observed in the area.



      11/29/2018 8:40am

      BriarRose was socializing with five other manatees including a mother-calf pair. Four of the manatees eventually moved down river. BriarRose and one other manatee remained in the area and began to bottom rest, making deep dives after they came to the surface. BriarRose and her companion began to travel up river when four manatees moved into the area..



      11/21/2018 11:40am

      BriarRose was resting at the surface with a larger manatee in Spruce Creek. They would slowly drift down the creek with the current then travel back to their original position and continue to rest. The pair showed no interest in a passing kayak. BriarRose stayed close to her companion for the entire visual.


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