About Agua

Gender: Female
Current Tag Id: 177774

Agua was rescued as a calf with her injured mother “Claro” in Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida on June 24, 2016. She was only 130 centimeters long and 97 pounds at the time of her rescue. Both Agua and her mother were transported to ZooTampa but her mother “Claro” did not survive her watercraft injuries. Agua was transferred to Columbus Zoo for continued care as an orphan calf.  In preparation for release, Agua was transferred to SeaWorld of Florida and later released at TECO power plant, Hillsborough County, Florida on March 7, 2019 and will be monitored by Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute. She was 239 centimeters in length and 635 pounds at the time of her release.

  1. 03/13/2019 01:42 PM
    • Agua was milling midway down the canal, near Camlee. She moved close to the viewing platform then returned and settled in for a rest. Later she and Camlee milled around the canal together, but after a bit Agua separated from Camlee and started making her way out of the canal.
  2. 03/11/2019 10:15 AM
    • Agua was resting in the center of the canal midway down on the tidal walk. She rested for the majority of the observation and when active she seemed to be trying to get rid of a pesky cobia who was following her. She never left this general area. Later Camlee traveled towards her and they both bottom rested nearby for about 20 minutes. Another manatee entered the canal and all three were socializing together.
  3. 03/08/2019 11:47 AM
    • Agua was resting just outside the discharge canal. Another manatee passed close to her and she quickly followed it to a shallow area where two others were feeding. Agua was very active with these other animals and though they were clearly eating, she could not be confirmed as doing so. As the tide came in the whole group milled their way out of the area and continued moving south.

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