About Goober

Gender: Male
Current Tag Id: 177772

Goober was rescued as an orphaned calf in poor body condition from the Desoto Canal in Brevard County, Florida on March 16, 2017. At the time of his rescue, he was 176 centimeters long and weighed 220 pounds. He was brought to SeaWorld of Florida and was later transferred to the Columbus Zoo for further care. Just prior to Goober’s release, he was transported back to SeaWorld and released on March 7, 2019 into Indian River located near Port St. John, Brevard County, Florida and will be monitored by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute. At the time of his release, Goober was 227 centimeters in length and weighed 525 pounds.

  1. 05/22/2019 12:45 PM
    • Goober was socializing with one smaller manatee near a cavorting group. They were both swimming upside down under water. He later cavorted a little, then milled away. He returned to socializing shortly after. Goober was shallow enough that his abdomen was visible out of the water. His ventrum could be seen clearly, it was rounded and not concave. He received a body score of 3.  

  2. 05/16/2019 02:00 PM
    • Goober was milling and socializing in an area with a lot of food and other manatees. It was possible to confirm that he was eating. He was stirring up sediment and seagrass while also lifting his head high out of the water and chewing a few times. Other manatees were eating nearby him as well. He stopped to socialize when other manatees got closer, then continued to mill/feed again.

  3. 05/14/2019 11:45 AM
    • Goober was traveling north under the Titusville bridge. He stopped to mill once north of the boat ramp, then continued traveling closer to shore. He later started to mill with a few other manatees in an area with a lot of sea grass patches. 

  4. 05/02/2019 09:30 AM
    • Goober was socializing near a freshwater source in choppy conditions. He periodically would go under the concrete into a tunnel where many other manatees were going. He popped back out a few times, still socializing, then eventually followed a large manatee away from the site. After a few minutes of traveling, he turned and went back to the freshwater site and continued socializing.

  5. 04/29/2019 03:15 PM
    • Goober was socializing with other manatees, in a popular freshwater site in the Indian River. He milled and socialized following the other manatees in and out of the tunnel. He began resting and continued for the duration of the observation. There was a good amount of sea grass floating in the area. Like many of the manatees he was seen with, he has some barnacles growing on his back.

  6. 04/25/2019 09:00 AM
    • Goober was socializing with two other manatees near an island. Nearby, there was a group of cavorting manatees, but he remained on the outside of the group. After a bit, Goober began traveling away and went back to where he started. He began to socialize again next to the cavorting group.

  7. 04/22/2019 10:45 AM
    • Goober was traveling south, in the Indian River, close to shore with other manatees. They all stopped at a fresh water site. He socialized with a few manatees but seemed to be following one in particular. He would occasionally mill off to the side, but then join up with the others again. The area where the fresh water was flowing was in a tunnel, so he would sometimes go in with the others and come back out a little later. 

  8. 04/17/2019 04:00 PM
    • Goober was milling in the Indian River with a few other manatees. Their heads would come up high, but it did not appear they were interacting with each other. They could have been feeding but that could not be confirmed. Several people on jet skis were going back and forth in the same location as the manatees. Goober would disappear when the jet skis came by, then reappear later and come back to this same spot.

  9. 04/15/2019 01:00 PM
    • Goober was socializing with many manatees in the Indian River. A few times he went up to the freshwater output and started drinking. After a while, he started milling and eventually bottom resting.

  10. 04/12/2019 01:00 PM
    • Goober was milling in a narrow waterway off the Indian River. He stopped at the entrance to a culvert and started to go through, then slowly moved back to the waterway. He eventually made his way back to where he started.
  11. 04/09/2019 09:30 AM
    • Goober was milling in a cove, in the Indian River with a few other manatees where it was pretty choppy. He socialized for a bit, then traveled to and from a nearby island. He ended up right back where he started and began to slowly mill along the shoreline where it was a little more sheltered. As he continued to mill along the mangrove line he got too close to a rather large alligator. They surprised each other causing a big commotion. Goober came pretty far out of the water as he took off in the other direction. The alligator continued opening its mouth at him for a little while. Goober continued to mill around the mangroves, meeting up with another manatee and they took off traveling together.
  12. 04/03/2019 04:00 PM
    • Goober was traveling towards the canal entrance at the power plant with another manatee. He traveled all the way to the end of the canal, milled for a bit, then settled down off to the side and began bottom resting. A few manatees approached him and he socialized briefly before moving to a different area to continue resting. His respirations were about 8 to 9 minutes during this time.
  13. 04/01/2019 10:00 AM
    • Goober was bottom resting to the side of the canal in the power plant despite all the socializing and cavorting in the area. His respirations were about every 9 to 10 minutes. Once things got a little more hectic near his resting spot, he moved away positioning himself under some mangroves. He milled there for a bit then moved to the other side of the canal under more mangroves.
  14. 03/29/2019 10:45 AM
    • Goober was spotted traveling along the shoreline of the Indian River in slightly choppy water. His respirations were about 2 to 3 minutes.
  15. 03/28/2019 09:00 AM
    • Goober was first seen traveling away from the warm water discharge. He stopped to mill near where BamBam was, then turned and traveled back towards the outflow. After being stationary at the outflow for a bit, he began to mill, eventually moving away from the discharge again. His respirations were about 2 to 4 minutes.
  16. 03/22/2019 08:30 AM
    • Goober was stationary at first with many other manatees at the power plant. He started milling after a little bit and eventually began traveling away from the outflow area.
  17. 03/20/2019 09:00 AM
    • Goober was stationary and possibly resting near the warm water discharge amongst many other manatees trying to stay warm. He began to mill a little bit further out from the power plant, then traveled back closer toward the outflow. He then continued to be stationary, occasionally milling every so often.
  18. 03/14/2019 01:20 PM
    • Goober was seen traveling near the shoreline in Mosquito Lagoon. He slowly made his way down to where Percy was hanging out. Percy initially moved away from him, then turned around and greeted him before they began to rest near each other.
  19. 03/13/2019 12:04 PM
    • Goober was initially traveling in the Indian River, then began milling and switching directions. He was stationary for a brief time before milling again. He began to travel again and continued for the rest of the observation.
  20. 03/11/2019 11:06 AM
    • Goober was milling in the Indian River in a calm sheltered area. Another manatee approached his tag and followed him. Goober turned and faced the other manatee briefly then continued on. Once alone again he rested and milled for the duration of the observation.
  21. 03/07/2019 02:30 PM
    • Goober was seen in the distance, not far from his release site. It was unclear what he was doing, although he appeared to be milling.

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