About Miles

Gender: Male
Current Tag Id:

Miles was rescued as an orphan calf in Merritt Island, Brevard County, Florida on August 17, 2016. He was 107 centimeters long and weighed 42 pounds at the time of his rescue. Miles was taken to Sea World of Orlando for care. He was transferred to Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to continue his rehabilitation, then back to Sea World of Orlando for prerelease conditioning. He was released on March 2, 2020, at CCEC in Brevard County. He was 261 centimeters and weighed 830 pounds, He will be monitored by Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute.

  1. 03/28/2020 08:30 AM
    • Miles was stationary at the beginning of the visual. He began milling around. He later traveled to the outer wall of the marina, over towards the furthest dock, then back to where he was originally. He rested briefly, then milled again for the remainder of the visual. A tagging attempt was made.

  2. 03/27/2020 09:45 AM
    • Miles was milling around at the marina slowly. He would approach manatees who entered the area, then go back off on his own. He later rested, but would wake up and mill around, popping up in different locations. A retag attempt was made.

  3. 03/25/2020 03:28 PM
    •  Miles' tag and tether were recovered stuck in the seawall at a marina in Titusville. He was still in the area with his belt on and we have attempted to retag him every day since. We will continue to try this weekend and hopefully get a tag back on him soon!


  4. 03/04/2020 08:30 AM
    • Miles was resting near the outflow for the first part of the visual at CCEC. He later moved to the shallower area where most of the other manatees were. He socialized with a few, then milled around for the remainder of the visual.

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