About Tostone

Gender: Male
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Tostone was rescued as an orphan calf in Riviera Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida on February 8, 2019. He was 152 centimeters long and weighed 99 pounds at the time of his rescue. He was transported to Miami Seaquarium for care. He was transferred to Columbus Zoo for continued care. He was released on February 3, 2021 at Riviera Beach in Palm Beach County. He was 227 centimeters long and weighed 605 pounds. He will be monitored by Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute.

  1. 08/09/2021 01:00 PM
    • Tostone’s belt, tag, and tether were recovered snagged on a  buoy just north of Peanut Island in Riviera Beach. He had been traveling steadily south, stopping in this location. His GPS movements became suspiciously stationary and thanks to help from FWC and LE it was able to be confirmed that Tostone had been separated from his gear and the gear retrieved. His movements and behaviors since release have been good and we have not had any major concerns. He does not have any real distinguishing marks, so relocating him will not be likely.


  2. 08/03/2021 09:00 AM
    • Tostone was in Stuart socializing with a group of manatees, mostly following one particular manatee around. At one point, that manatee started playing with his tag and then they were back to bumping noses.

  3. 08/02/2021 11:00 AM
    •  Tostone was resting in a residential marina in Stuart with a few other manatees nearby. He had GI several times and feces was observed.

  4. 07/26/2021 12:30 PM
    • Tostone was deep under the mangroves, in a creek in Ft. Pierce, resting for a majority of the visual. He was difficult to spot but every now and then, he'd make an appearance. Other manatees nearby got a bit rowdy, and he investigated them briefly, then retreated under the mangroves with another manatee where he stayed for the remainder of the visual.

  5. 07/19/2021 11:00 AM
    •  Tostone was cavorting with a group of 3 other manatees in the middle of a creek in Ft. Pierce. He later moved to the side with one other manatee, and they chased each other around, surfacing and bumping noses. He then moved into the shallow water along the bank and began resting. A manatee swam close to him towards the end of the visual and he followed it and socialized for the remainder of the visual.

  6. 07/12/2021 12:00 PM
    •  Tostone was resting in a basin surrounded by shallow water in Ft. Pierce. He had a little gas once while resting. Once he woke up, he began milling around. Then, he traveled out of the basin and towards the entrance of the cove. He stopped about halfway through the cove and turned around and went back. There was some halodule observed in the cove.

  7. 07/06/2021 11:00 PM
    •  Tostone was traveling in creek in Ft. Pierce, with a few friends. He stopped in one of the sandy shallow banks and alternated between socializing and being stationary with the group. At one point, things seemed to escalate, and he flung himself out of the water a bit along with one of the other manatees. They went back to socializing and later, all rested.

  8. 07/01/2021 04:45 PM
    • Tostone was first spotted traveling south near Ft. Pierce. There were other manatees in the area, but they were a little way away and he did not interact with them. He stopped traveling and began feeding on Halodule. He fed for the rest of the visual, moving from spot to spot and leaving Halodule in his wake. 

  9. 06/22/2021 10:30 AM
    • Tostone was with a group of manatees in a creek in Ft. Pierce. They were resting on a shallow bank. Later in the visual, he began socializing with one of the larger manatees. Another joined and things escalated to cavorting for a bit. They settled down for a while then Tostone started socializing again at the end of the visual. He had gas once during the visual.

  10. 06/07/2021 08:30 AM
    • Tostone was in Fort Pierce, resting with another manatee but seemed more awake and would mill often, moving down the creek a little more each time he surfaced. Finally, his companion woke up and began traveling down the creek. Tostone immediately began following. They pulled off to the side of the creek when they passed another manatee who was resting. All three socialized for the remainder of the visual.

  11. 06/03/2021 11:00 AM
    • Tostone was feeding for the majority of the visual in Ft. Pierce.  At one point, he was following a bigger manatee around and socialized briefly. He later traveled towards a calmer, more sheltered spot, then continued to feed. 

  12. 05/26/2021 11:00 AM
    • Tostone was feeding at the beginning of the visual on Halodule , where it was really abundant in Ft. Pierce. There were nearby manatees also feeding, and he later left the area and began traveling around the different islands. He traveled for the remainder of the visual and seemed to be exploring along the shallow areas to find deeper water, wanting to go north. He would start to go in the shallow water, then turn back and continue along the drop off until he came to a deeper part. He eventually found a small channel that he could travel north in with ease at the end of the visual.

  13. 05/21/2021 12:30 PM
    • Tostone was resting with two other manatees in a shallow area to the side of Taylor Creek. He began socializing as another manatee passed. He followed it, and soon, all manatees were socializing together and playing chase as more joined. Tostone continued to follow the other manatees around and bump noses for the remainder of the visual.

  14. 05/17/2021 09:30 AM
    • Tostone was bottom resting inside the buoy line near a spillway in Ft, Pierce. He later woke up and traveled down towards the second spillway. He stopped as he crossed paths with a few socializing manatees and began socializing as well. He later milled around bridge pilings, then went back to socializing.

  15. 05/10/2021 08:30 PM
    • Tostone was traveling in Ft. Pierce,for the first hour of the visual, only stopping twice to mill. He made his way into a residential canal where he encountered two other active manatees. He joined them in a game of chase, which continued for the remainder of the visual.


  16. 05/05/2021 10:30 AM
    • Tostone was resting in one of the few deep parts in a lagoon in Palm Beach at low tide. He took breaths every 9 minutes. He rested for the entire visual except when some paddleboarders passed by and he briefly milled around.

  17. 04/26/2021 10:00 AM
    • Tostone was feeding on algae in lagoon in Palm Beach. He was mildly disturbed by swimmers and kayakers and would move away slowly from them but once everyone left, he settled down to sleep for an hour. As the falling tide made his spot shallow, he began traveling out of the lagoon and headed north along the island. Swimmers and snorkelers were pursuing him and were asked to give him space. He kept putting himself in the middle of all the action, then would move away from everyone, then back again. At the end of the visual, he was off on his own a little distance away from the human activity.



  18. 04/21/2021 03:00 PM
    • Tostone was with another manatee traveling south in Lake Worth lagoon as high tide was approaching. They entered John MacArthur State Park and continued traveling into the park, now headed north. They met another manatee in their path and briefly stopped to socialize. Tostone continued with both manatees a little longer, then they all stopped to feed. Bits of Halodule were surfacing down current from them. He fed for the remainder of the visual.

  19. 04/12/2021 10:45 AM
    • Hoping to catch Tostone feeding at high tide, but he had other plans and traveled north quickly for a majority of the visual. He stayed along the side, going under docks, and briefly stopped a few times before continuing. He eventually made his way to Little Lake Worth where he continued on, predictably heading toward his favorite ritzy hangout spot.

  20. 04/07/2021 11:30 AM
    • Tostone was under a boat making it difficult to locate him as his tag was putting out faint beeps and sending me on an extensive tour of the canals in Juno Beach. I later realized he was bottom resting directly across from the boat ramp I launched from. He rested for over an hour, then began milling around in the canal he was in. He went over to a wall and began slurping algae off of it. He continued milling around slowly in the area, investigating pilings and different parts of the walls.

  21. 04/02/2021 02:15 PM
    • Tostone was resting at the end of a residential canal in Juno Beach. He surfaced for breaths every 8-9 minutes. He began milling around the mangroves and under docks. He traveled down and back up the canal at one point, then began resting again for the remainder of the visual. The kind resident who let me use his dock let me know he often sees manatees in that part of the canal and has seen Tostone socializing with others on several occasions.

  22. 03/15/2021 10:15 AM
    • Tostone was bottom resting with another larger manatee in PEEC. He suddenly took off traveling, following his companion. They met up with two more manatees and they all socialized with one another. They later all rested together for the remainder of the visual.


  23. 03/12/2021 10:30 AM
    • Tostone and Plantaina were bottom resting in shallow water at PEEC. They traveled a bit, then began socializing and playing chase for a long time. They rested at the end of the visual again.

  24. 03/06/2021 09:45 AM
    • Tostone was milling in the lagoon near some people who were fishing in Palm Brach. He moved away and over to a spot he typically rests in. He rested on the bottom, coming up for air every 6 minutes. Later, his time between breaths increased to 8 minutes. He had a body score of 3 and gas during the visual.

  25. 02/26/2021 02:15 PM
    • Tostone was bottom resting in shallow water in Palm Beach. He stirred a few times when kayakers and paddleboarders were in the area, even when they were a good distance away. He would sometimes head in their direction but not get too close. He later began traveling, first north, then he turned and went south for the rest of the visual. No other manatees were observed in the area but just outside of the lagoon, there was a small group.

  26. 02/23/2021 02:30 PM
    • Tostone was with another manatee in Palm Beach, stationary at first but later it was confirmed he was feeding. He and his companion traveled short distances to other areas periodically then continued to feed. He was traveling along the mangroves at the end of the visual. 

  27. 02/16/2021 03:00 PM
    • Tostone was in a group of manatees feeding at the beginning of the visual in North Palm Beach. They were all lifting their heads high and bits of Gracilaria and a submerged green vegetation were drifting away from them. He left the group and traveled south, then suddenly switched directions to follow a manatee heading into the lagoon. The other manatee stopped to feed and Tostone then continued on and met up with another new manatee. They traveled south together for the rest of the visual.

  28. 02/11/2021 03:15 PM
    • Tostone was traveling around, exploring the bridge structure in North Palm Beach. He later found a group of manatees and socialized with them. He moved off on his own again and milled around before settling down and being stationary near a small group of resting manatees for the remainder of the visual.

  29. 02/05/2021 02:00 PM
    • Tostone was close to shore, in Riviera Beach, traveling along the shoreline in choppy water. He was disturbed by a diver and swam quickly away. Two manatees swam by going the opposite direction, but he was not done traveling the shoreline yet and continued his path, ignoring them. Finally, after going up and down the beach four times and exploring all the bridge structures in the water, he crossed paths with a third, larger manatee who he socialized with. He then followed that manatee north for the remainder of the visual.

  30. 02/03/2021 02:00 PM
    • Tostone was released from the boat and swam into Manatee Lagoon among all the manatees. He spent his time in there milling around the whole lagoon and swimming up to different manatees. He later was stationary in the middle of the lagoon, milling just a little bit every so often.


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