About Amelia

Gender: Female
Current Tag Id:

Amelia was rescued as an orphan calf in Indian Harbor Beach, Brevard County, Florida on March 19, 2017. She was 115 centimeters long and weighed 60 pounds at the time of her rescue. Amelia was transported to Sea World of Orlando for care and transferred to Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for continued rehabilitation. She was released on February 15, 2021 at Blue Spring State Park in Volusia County. She was 266 centimeters in length and weighed 1089 pounds. She will be monitored by Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute.

  1. 06/15/2021 10:00 AM
    •  Amelia and Irma were milling around in the spring. Another adult manatee entered the spring and they all socialized with one another. The other manatee began swimming up the spring and immediately after, a commotion broke out under one of the fallen logs. Then, Amelia's tag surfaced and immediately appeared to be detached. This was confirmed when both girls were spotted a little further away, still side by side, Amelia still sporting her belt. They then milled towards the buoy line, then back over near the canoe beach. Later, they moved up the run a bit. Once the construction barges started up, they were spotted leaving the run. Due to the construction stirring up sediment in the run, visibility was poor.

  2. 06/09/2021 10:00 AM
    • Amelia was with Irma near Blue Spring State Park feeding on floating vegetation that was gathering by the boom set in place for the current restoration project. They greeted a manatee who entered the spring then went back to feeding. They later met up with two other manatees at the entrance to the spring. They then moved down to the docks where Amelia picked on some more vegetation. At the end of the visual.

  3. 06/04/2021 09:30 AM
    • Amelia was socializing with another manatee and Irma in Lake Beresford at the beginning of the visual. Once the two girls settled down and started resting, the third manatee left. They continued resting for the majority of the visual and at the end, milled around a bit.

  4. 05/24/2021 11:00 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were milling in Lake Beresford for a majority of the visual, and likely feeding on algae on logs. Their behavior and movements were the same as when they are in the spring feeding on algae, and there were submerged logs in their location today. At the end of the visual, they settled down near a patch of spatterdock and were stationary.

  5. 05/18/2021 10:15 AM
    • Amelia was with Irma feeding on algae on logs, as they like to do in Blue Spring. They eventually traveled out of the swim area and ended up stopping again near the Thursby house at another algae-covered log. She had gas twice during the visual. 


  6. 05/10/2021 10:00 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were by the canoe beach and were feeding on duckweed and pennywort. They later moved into clearer water and began feeding on algae. They socialized with several manatees who entered the spring, then eventually moved out of the spring towards the lagoon. 

  7. 05/06/2021 11:00 PM
    •  Amelia and Irma had made their way into the spring this morning and were feeding on algae off of logs. Swimmers were gathering near them and were asked to keep their distance and not interact with them. People listened for the most part, but eventually the girls moved out of the swim area and continued their feeding activity with a little more privacy. They ate for the remainder of the visual.


  8. 04/30/2021 12:15 PM
    •  Amelia was with Irma and another manatee in a quiet part of the dead river, and they were all socializing together. It seemed like maybe they were playing a game of chase. They milled around after the third manatee went off somewhere and then settled down and began bottom resting. They later woke up and milled a bit, then went back to resting for the remainder of the visual

  9. 04/20/2021 09:45 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were resting quietly at the boil. Due to the heavy rain, they had the spring to themselves for a while. A little later, some swimmers and paddlers entered the area, and the girls woke up and immediately left the boil. They moved down the run a bit and began feeding on algae off logs. Another group of noisy people came close to them, and they moved again to avoid them. They milled around at the end of the visual.


  10. 04/16/2021 09:15 AM
    • Amelia was with Irma in the spring, and they were traveling from place-to-place feeding on algae on the bottom and on logs. Amelia was retagged during this time, then continued moving up the run with Irma, still snacking on algae as they went. They stopped to nibble on some pennywort near diver's entry, moved up to the boil, then began moving out of the spring. They traveled into the river at the end of the visual. The abscess she had on her left side looks like it is healing well.

  11. 04/13/2021 02:00 PM
    • Amelia lost her tag at Blue Spring and had already moved into the river. An attempt to retag is planned for tomorrow.

  12. 04/08/2021 12:15 PM
    • Amelia and Irma were resting with an adult male at the boil in Blue Spring. There were swimmers all around them splashing and creating chaos and they just continued resting through it all. They later made their way slowly down the run and each socialized with their male companion the entire time. At one point, it escalated to cavorting and tails were coming out of the water. They eventually stopped near the bank opposite from the 2nd outlook (much quieter) and went back to resting for the remainder of the visual, male still in tow. 


  13. 04/06/2021 02:30 PM
    • At Blue Spring, both Irma and Amelia were attentively sticking close to a much large female but once the swimmer entered the area, the other manatee moved off.  Amelia stayed close to Irma during the few minutes it took to complete Irma's tag exchange.  Afterwards, they swam off into the sunset...well actually just to the north shore and began to bottom rest.  


  14. 03/30/2021 11:30 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were stationary for the beginning of the visual. Another manatee began playing with Irma's tag and then started socializing with the girls. Things escalated to cavorting and at one point, Amelia's upper half was out of the water. She still had fat rolls around her neck and pecs and looked good. Another manatee joined the group and they all socialized, occasionally cavorting again. At the end of the visual, they were stationary.

  15. 03/25/2021 12:00 PM
    • Amelia was with Irma in a quiet bend off the river. A few other manatees were resting nearby and the two girls were stationary. They milled on and off around in the vegetation. Amelia later began eating pennywort. After a few minutes, a group of rowdy manatees swam into the area and Amelia and Irma milled in their direction, then were stationary again for the rest of the visual.

  16. 03/22/2021 11:30 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were traveling south along the side of the river. Shortly after the visual started, they stopped and began bottom resting, taking breaths every 8-10 minutes. A boat passed by illegally on a plane which created a huge wake. They woke up and began traveling again for the remainder of the visual. 

  17. 03/18/2021 09:30 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were at the Blue Spring boil, stationary. They began milling around the shoreline of the boil, and Irma attempted to nurse off of Amelia for a few minutes. They later traveled down the run and milled around the dive platform. They then moved down to the swim platform where Irma attempted nursing again. Amelia ate some floating leaves off the surface but mostly sat near Irma while she consumed more leaves. They were stationary at the end of the visual. She had an abscess under her skin at release and it has opened but does not appear to be raised much or getting any worse, though I'll continue to monitor it closely.


  18. 03/16/2021 12:30 PM
    • Amelia was milling around the boats and docks in the river at Blue Spring with Irma and later began traveling towards the lagoon. A few kayakers disrupted their traveling and they ducked under. They resurfaced a short distance away and ended up ducking again as a boat passed. They eventually made their way back to the spring where they moved slowly up the run, followed by a juvenile, milling along the side. They both settled down and Irma appeared to be attempting to nurse off of Amelia. This didn't last too long as Amelia moved forward a bit and they then bottom rested for the remainder of the observation.

  19. 03/13/2021 11:30 AM
    • Amelia and Irma were traveling from the boil at Blue Spring State Park towards the river. Once near the buoy line, they checked out a few of the manatees resting near shore and then turned and went back to the boil. They left the boil again made their way to the dive platform, where they explored the stairs a bit. Then, they were mostly stationary but did mill a bit every so often

  20. 03/04/2021 10:45 AM
    • Amelia was traveling north near shore in a lake off the St .Johns River. She crossed paths with Hermey once she reached the north part of the lake and they greeted each other briefly before continuing in opposite directions. She then milled around near the vegetation and was later stationary. At the end of the visual, she traveled until she was out of sight.


  21. 03/01/2021 11:15 AM
    • Amelia was with Irma in the east part of a lake, off the St. Johns River, near shore and they were alternating between milling and traveling. At the end of the visual, they were stationary for a few minutes then began traveling west slowly. 

  22. 02/24/2021 10:30 AM
    • Amelia was socializing with Irma and Hermey in a lake off the St. Johns River. Hermey and Amelia seemed to be a little more involved together. Another manatee joined their group and they socialized with it briefly, but the manatee continued on and the girls started traveling the other way. Hermey met back up with them and they all traveled together for a bit, then were stationary. Later on, the girls left Hermey behind and traveled east in the north part of the lake together. They explored near a large, docked boat, then continued towards the vegetation. 

  23. 02/22/2021 10:30 AM
    • Ameila was traveling with Irma, in the St.Johns River. Not long into the visual, a large third manatee was observed cavorting with them. They continued traveling after a while of cavorting in no apparent direction, sometimes slowly looping around and ultimately going the opposite direction. The large adult followed behind the girls, then later began cavorting again. Amelia was a little involved but mostly seemed to be pausing her travels to wait for Irma who was being held up by the adult. At the end of the visual, they were traveling again with the other manatee still following.

  24. 02/18/2021 10:30 AM
    • Ameila was with Irma in the middle of the lake. They were traveling south, then turned and began traveling to the east. On a few occasions, they were stationary for a few minutes.

  25. 02/15/2021 12:45 PM
    • Amelia was released with Irma at Blue Spring and made a dramatic entrance into the water. After release, they milled around the spring entrance together.


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