About Shorty

Gender: Female
Current Tag Id:

Shorty was rescued from Faka Union Canal in Port of the Islands, Collier County, Florida, on 2/09/11, because of cold stress. She weighed 315 lbs and measured 191 cm long. She was brought to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida, to recover. At her most recent health assessment on 1/13/12 she weighed 730 lbs and was 237 cm long. Shorty was released back into the Port of the Islands area on March 14, 2012.

  1. 08/30/2012 07:46 PM
    • On August 28 we received a call from Captain Barry that he had seen Shorty resting on the surface with tag sunken.  A little while later the animal left and traveled south towards the main channel. 


  2. 07/05/2012 06:13 PM
    • Shorty's tag stopped working on July 4, just north of Marco Island.
  3. 06/24/2012 07:30 PM
    • On June 23 Shortly moved from the southern tip of Marco Island into a network of canals ending in a boat basin.  There were several manatees in the vicinity while she was traveling but she didn’t associate with any in particular.   Once inside the boat basin, Shorty bottom rested with no other animals in her immediate vicinity.


  4. 05/29/2012 09:44 PM
    • On May 28, FWC received another Shorty sighting call in the Marco Island area.  Brenden was able to respond while the citizen kept their eyes on Shorty.  Brenden was successful in getting Shorty's tag exchanged and she is now back online.  He reports that the antenna is bent and has water in it, which explains why it malfunctioned and stopped working.

      During the tag exchange, Shorty bottom rested with another animal the entire time so was easy to retag.  When the other animal left she was no longer distracted so it took a while to get the VHF off. 

      Thank s very much to everyone for the cooperative work in helping us find Shorty.  Specifically, thanks to Denise from FWC for being the on-call person this weekend, sifting through all the calls and relaying the sighting information to us.  Great job Brenden on spreading the word and being able to respond on very short notice.

  5. 05/25/2012 09:28 PM
    • On May 24, in an effort to relocate Tippecanoe and Shorty, we tried one of our old techniques of putting out press releases asking the public to call in sightings.  The press releases went out in the morning with immediate responses.  We had a phone interview with the Sarasota Herald Tribune and tomorrow a Sea to Shore field tracker will meet with Tampa's ABC news to do a video interview about Tippy.  Fox 4 in Naples said they will follow up with another Sea to Shore tracker on Saturday.
      Fingers crossed the MIA kids show up.
      On May 25 FWC got a call in the morning that Shorty is in a mating herd in Port of the Island. 

      The sighting of Shorty on May 25 ended up being from Marco Island, not POI.  Brenden spent all day Friday and Saturday looking for Shorty with no luck finding her.  He ran into a lot of people that knew about our need to relocate Shorty from the media stories that went out.

  6. 05/11/2012 09:16 PM
    • On May 8 Shorty was seen traveling southeast throughout the observation.  His sonic is working.

      On May 10, it was reported that Shorty's tag hadn’t updated since the May 8 morning observation.  She was reported in the Marco Island / Port of the Islands area on May 9, the area she’s appeared to remain in since she was released. 


  7. 04/21/2012 12:42 PM
    • On April 21 Shorty was seen resting on the surface the entire observation period. There were a couple of other animals in the area but they kept their distance. She was interested in a bird that kept landing in the water nearby. 
  8. 04/11/2012 11:57 AM
    • On April 10, Shorty’s respiration was between 9 and 12 minutes apart for the entire observation.  I was not able to get a body visual.  There were several animals in the area.
  9. 03/31/2012 10:24 PM
    • On March 31, Shorty was seen milling for the entire observation period. She stayed in a 50 yard area and brought her head high out of the water for each breath. 

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