About CC Baby

Gender: Female
Current Tag Id:

CC Baby was rescued from the Caloosahatchee River in Lee County, Florida, on 9/16/07. She was an orphaned calf weighing 73 lbs and measuring 125 cm in length. She was brought to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida, to rehabilitate, and has since spent time in Cincinnati Zoo and Homosassa Springs State Park. She has grown to 610 lbs and 230 cm long as of a report from 11/07/11 and will be released at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Florida, in February 2012.

  1. 03/15/2013 08:03 PM
    • On March 15 CC Baby rested on the bottom in a large group.  Full-body pictures showed that she looked good.  Melody was able to remove her equipment and she was reactive but rejoined the group and quickly went back to sleep.

  2. 03/14/2013 07:59 PM
    • On March 13 CC Baby was staying still on the bottom in a large group.


  3. 03/06/2013 05:31 PM
    • On March 5 CC Baby was observed bottom resting and leisurely milling about (most likely feeding on scraps of vegetation as she has been observed feeding in this area before) and briefly interacting with animals as they swam by. She appeared to be acting normally and showed no signs of distress.


  4. 02/25/2013 05:45 PM
    • On February 18, CC Baby stayed in a group of 8 animals, milling and then stopping.The group moved slowly west along the shoreline toward the bay.


  5. 01/25/2013 06:33 PM
    • On January 24, CC Baby was observed traveling down the Spring Run to the very back, where she began slowly milling about (presumed feeding but could not confirm) and occasionally socializing with a few active animals hanging out nearby.  She eventually settled in and bottom rested for the rest of the observation period.


  6. 01/02/2013 10:26 PM
    • On December 27, CC Baby was initially spotted in Duck Hole.  She immediately traveled out of view around the canal towards Magnolia Spring.  I observed her bottom resting for approximately 10 minutes, then she began to travel south and rounded a corner.  As there is no (feasible) perimeter road around this area I jumped in the truck and hurried back intending on resuming visual.  When she didn’t immediately appear I proceeded to hike the length of the boardwalk and then brush to track her down to a little alcove on the bank, where she was patiently waiting for an unaware canoeist sitting in her path to move.  When she finally decided the coast was clear she resumed movement. I tracked her on land the best I could but lost contact due to boggy terrain at which point I hiked BACK to the spring entrance to resume visual observation.  She is doing well and acting normally.

  7. 12/23/2012 10:17 PM
    • December 21: Ah, CC Baby...Always being difficult. On a terrible, windy day CCB was found bottom resting in the direct path of the wind and 1.5’ waves; pretty much the worst possible place for that day. She was then observed socializing with a couple of passing animals, then started to make her way northward.


  8. 12/15/2012 08:01 PM
    • On December 14, CC Baby spent the entire observation period either bottom resting or lazily sucking algae that happened to be near her face when she came up for air.

  9. 12/07/2012 04:19 PM
    • On November 29, CC Baby was observed feeding in Kings Bay.  A tag exchange was eventually completed between her feeding bouts.  Her body condition could not be determined due to water clarity and her evasiveness but she was very focused on feeding.

  10. 11/23/2012 02:54 PM
    • On November 21, CC Baby was observed hanging out in her usual spot chowing down on coontail.


  11. 11/16/2012 02:53 PM
    • An in water body assessment of CC Baby was conducted on November 15 with no new marks or scars noted.

  12. 11/05/2012 09:38 PM
    • CC Baby has been seen in the Kings Bay area and observed feeding ALOT since her capture to give her a new belt.

  13. 09/22/2012 07:05 PM
    • When first observed on September 22, CC Baby was milling around in the King’s Bay area.  She continued this behavior for about 20 minutes and then at 1405 began to slowly travel towards the river swimming within about 40 feet of the seawall.  At 1408 a boat passed nearby, causing her to abruptly stop and change direction.  A few minutes after the boat had passed, she moved closer to the seawall and continued in her original direction.  After travelling slowly west. she made her way back to the spring where she was resting at the close of the observation.

  14. 09/11/2012 07:38 PM
    • With the assistance from USFWS at Crystal River, we were able to capture CC Baby on 9/10/12.  That day, CC Baby was found up a small section of the tidal flat creeks by herself just south of Crystal River. Soon after she was located, CC Baby slowly began traveling out of the creek with the outgoing tide, to where the capture boat quickly prepared for her arrival.  Staff from USFWS Crystal River refuge and University of Florida caught CC Baby on the first net set with little resistance.  She was outfitted with a new belt that fits much better but it's the smallest belt we use for Florida manatee tagging and was still too big for her.  We’re anticipating a loose belt again in a few weeks.  After release, CC Baby milled around the area and eventually began to slowly travel down one of the canal systems to deeper waters.

  15. 09/06/2012 07:30 PM
    • We are tentatively set to catch CC Baby on Monday, September 9, if she remains in an accessible area. Behaviorally she is doing great but her belt is extremely loose.


  16. 09/03/2012 07:15 PM
    • On September 2 another call came in from FWC with a report of an "entangled" manatee off of Ozella Road.  Our wonderful volunteer Kim was able to talk the complainant into keeping an eye on the animal's location until she could respond.  It was confirmed the "entangled" manatee was CC Baby with only a tag visibly afloat.  Unfortunately, the tag was not producing any signal but was floating normally.  Kim confirmed CC Baby was not entangled by any foreign objects.

      On September 3, CC Baby was relocated, still off of Ozella, and her tag was successfully exchanged.

  17. 09/02/2012 08:49 PM
    • On September 1, FWC contacted Sea to Shore with a report of an entangled, tagged manatee in Crystal River.  We were hopeful this was a CC Baby sighting since her tag stopped working on August 23.  We went to the area but were unable to locate the animal that day.

  18. 08/11/2012 09:44 PM
    • On August 11, CC Baby was seen in King’s Bay.  She travelled slowly and aimlessly for a short time before settling in for an hour of resting on the bottom.  At the end of the observation period she was travelling south.  No feeding was observed. 

  19. 07/16/2012 06:08 PM
    • On July 5 CC Baby was bottom resting in approximately 3-5’ of water with a brief interaction with two other animals as they passed through the area.  An in-water assessment observed her resting with food in her mouth.  Her body condition looked very good --- she’s a pretty animal! 
      On July 12, although CC Baby was swimming in and out of the sports zone, no boats were near her and she appeared to be in good health. 
      Later that week CC Baby moved back into Crystal River after her tag stopped transmitting for a few days.  From photos taken, we’ve determined that her belt needs to be tightened or we might even need to replace it with a much smaller one, something that can’t be accomplished while swimming without a lot of luck.  The Refuge confirmed they would be willing to capture CC Baby for a health assessment -- and new tag equipment --  if she’s still in Crystal River on July 19.
  20. 06/23/2012 07:25 PM
    • On June 22, although people were leaving CC Baby alone during the observation period, Capt. Stacy observed many tour people chasing, crowding and otherwise interfering while CC Baby was trying to eat leaves from a fallen tree.  This happened moments after my observation ended, as CC Baby went into the refuge. 


  21. 06/14/2012 07:18 PM
    • On June 13, CC Baby stayed in the canal, milling back and forth and occasionally feeding on various vegetation.  She was observed gently rolling while traveling. 


  22. 05/30/2012 09:40 PM
    • On May 30, CC Baby was resting in a corner away from heavy boat traffic when first observed.  After about 12 minutes she began to travel fast towards one end of the bay, dragging her tag underwater the whole time.  For twenty minutes she rested on the bottom in deep water.  The tag was out of sight and sound during this time, after which the tag was spotted and she rested in shallow water for an additional ten minutes.  Her tag was observed during this period.  She spent the rest of the observation milling around in the canal.   

  23. 05/22/2012 09:25 PM
    • On May 22 CC Baby was seen with a good sized group of animals and was observed socializing and traveling around the area with them.  She seemed to associate most closely with 2 or 3 of the group and appeared to be an accepted member of the herd.

  24. 05/12/2012 08:39 PM
    • On May 12 CC Baby was observed slowly traveling upstream, munching algae as she went. She then socialized for a bit with a passing animal before bottom resting for the remainder of observation.

  25. 04/27/2012 06:14 PM
    • On April 26 when first encountered CC Baby was traveling with one other manatee. Shortly thereafter she and another animal appeared to be feeding on Juncus roots. Visual confirmation of feeding activities was not confirmed. Within a few minutes the two manatees were joined by two others for a mating group. Between 1330 and 1344 visual was lost but regained in a cove that dead ended shortly after entering. The presence of a boat may have caused the manatees to move back into the river where rest was followed by nose to nose socializing and mating which continued to the end of observation. CCBaby was observed feeding at the end of  the observation.      
  26. 04/20/2012 12:36 PM
    • On April 13 CC Baby was bottom resting when first spotted. She milled in the area, moving into the creek and coves and back into the Withlacochee  River.
      On April 19 CC Baby was observed by residents along the bank travelling upstream.  She was observed bottom resting and socializing occasionally with another animal (sub adult) who remained nearby for the duration of the observation period.
  27. 04/14/2012 11:52 AM
    • On April 13 CC Baby was bottom resting when first spotted. He milled in the area, moving into the creek and coves and back into the main river.
  28. 04/02/2012 10:11 PM
    • On April 2 CC Baby milled in the dead end of one of residential canals close to where she had been in the previous 2 weeks.  There were two alligators also in this dead end, but the alligators left when we arrived.  Other manatees were at the far end of the canal (50m away).  She was milling (slow and lazy) the entire time. Her breaths were more frequent than the previous week: she would take 2-3 breaths a minute apart, every 3-6 minutes.
  29. 03/31/2012 10:18 PM
    • On March 30 CC Baby rested and milled in residential canals. An escort group (a female with calf and presumably several males) was also in close proximity and occasionally circled around CC Baby but she did not interact with them.  Her breaths were good and 2 – 6 min apart.
  30. 03/22/2012 02:41 PM
    • On March 22 CC Baby was observed bottom resting and milling in a quiet residential canal off the Withlacoochee River in Yankeetown. Although no other manatees were observed with her, multiple residents told us that manatees frequently use that canal, including moms with calves.  Her breaths were deep and spaced far apart (5 – 10 min).
  31. 03/16/2012 11:48 PM
    • Buddy was unable to obtain a visual of CC Baby on March 9 yesterday due to the location inside the plant intake canal.  Staff at the plant tried to locate the tag in the canal but were also unsuccessful. 
      On March 13, CC Baby was located in a small side finger off a creek near the mouth of Withlacoochee River.  She was milling slowly and bottom resting.  Her face was not white but appeared mildly “lumpy”.  She does NOT have a halo tail. Her flippers were not observed.  The water was very milky and she evaded an attempt to do in-water observation.
      On March 15, CC Baby was located in a small side finger off a creek near the mouth of Withlacoochee River. She was milling slowly and bottom resting. Her face was not white but appeared mildly “lumpy”. She did NOT have a halo tail. Her flippers were not observed. The water was very milky and she evaded the attempt to do in-water observation.
      We will continue to keep a close eye on her, specifically looking for movement that will place her near a freshwater site for consumption. 
  32. 03/10/2012 06:58 PM
    • Buddy was unable to obtain a visual of CC Baby yesterday due to the location inside the plant intake canal.  Staff at the plant tried to locate the tag in the canal but were also unsuccessful. 
  33. 03/08/2012 06:19 PM
    • As of March 7, CC Baby moved inland and was 3.6 miles offshore.  We were still not getting good quality locations on her but the March 6 GPS location had shown her 7 miles offshore. 
      Later GPS locations showed CC Baby plotting in the intake canal of the CR power plant.  We would like to get a visual of her body condition after the last week of craziness.  Based on a 24 hour notice for access approval to plant property, I doubt we can obtain a visual on CC Baby until Friday (unless she pops out of the intake canal :)
      Buddy is planning to go out on March 9 via boat to check on CC Baby.  She is still in the intake canal of CR plant.
  34. 03/05/2012 06:18 PM
    • On March 5 no visual was obtained due to 2-3ft waves, plus infrequent and random signals from her tag. It was believed she was pacing and then moving away from us when we got close with 1-4 signals of varying strengths heard at 2-4 minute intervals.  The signal location was approximately 4 miles off shore --- not an appropriate location for CC Baby to be in due to the rough waters. 
  35. 02/29/2012 11:34 PM
    • On Feb 29, CC Baby was no longer in creek.  When we arrived in the morning, she had gotten herself two-thirds of the way out. She had a white nose, flippers and halo tail but was very active and responsive. 
  36. 02/29/2012 06:14 PM
    • As of February 28, CC Baby had found her way up a shallow water creek in the Crystal River area.  The creek is only accessible by airboat and the feeling is that she will not be able to get out on her own.  A rescue team from Crystal River NWR, FWC and S2S will attempt to capture her and ferry her out to deeper water on an inflatable boat.
      On February 29 the rescue team responded to CC Baby and found that she had made a major move toward the mouth of the shallow creek that she had been in for several days.  By the time the crew got to her, she was having trouble getting past a shallow oyster bed so the crew guided her to a slightly deeper side of the creek with no oysters and were able to assist her the rest of the way out of the creek. 
  37. 02/27/2012 11:32 PM
    • CCBaby had traveled up a creek on Thursday, February 23, during an extremely high tide due to west winds but did not travel out when the tide receded Friday night.   
      Summary of attempts to get to her: 
      Saturday, Feb 25:  There was limited boat access up the creek.  Kayaking was also limited but it was determined possible during a high tide.  CR-FWS was contacted for access to the area on Sunday via airboat.
      Sunday, Feb 26:  Too windy to take out CR-FWS airboat and the tide was too low to attempt boat access.
      Monday, Feb 27: Could not get to CCBaby via CR-FWS air boats (attempted 2 hours after high tide, 4 hours prior to low tide).  There were no roads or good land access to her location.  Hitched a ride in Citrus County Sheriff's helicopter and confirmed her tag was still on.  She was alive and moving, pacing in very tight circles, primarily using her left pectoral to spin herself around.  
      There was a conference call between FWC, CR-FWS and S2S to go over options for getting CCBaby out of the creek.  With some additional details still to be worked through we are aiming to try one of our options for rescue on Wednesday, February 29.
  38. 02/25/2012 12:28 AM
    • CC Baby was observed initially near the Crystal Lodge Dive Shop boat ramp, and milled around, later entering a nearby cove.  She was seen socializing with 2-3 other manatees multiple times, and once feeding.  At least 3 other manatees were with her.
  39. 02/20/2012 10:46 PM
    • On February 22, CC Baby was observed in the area of the Archaeological Welcome Center pacing along the north bank.  She did dive down when a boat came into the area but immediately began to pace soon after.  When the tide shifted from outgoing to incoming, CCB traveled quickly into the welcome center canal.  When she reached the back of the canal, she began to pace again in tight circles with rolls.  CCB's tag stopped working several days after deployment so a tag exchange was completed during the visual observation.  Pacing pattern continued continuously during tag exchange. 
  40. 02/18/2012 12:26 AM
    • CC Baby was first observed moving along the shore line from Magnolia Springs to Three Sisters springs. He crossed the canal from Three Sisters Springs and went to resting on the bottom for the remainder of the observation period.

Data map is currently not present for CC Baby.