About Xena

Gender: Female
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Xena is a female manatee that was rescued with her mother at Port of the Isles, Collier County on 12/29/04. Xena was 190 cm in length and weighed 275 lbs. Her mother had received severe injuries from a boat strike and unfortunately died later in captivity from these wounds. Xena remained at SeaWorld of Florida and, under their care, continued to grow and gain weight without her mother. Xena was released on 2/15/06 at Warm Mineral Springs with two other rehabilitated manatees. Xena was 237 cm in length and weighed 790 lbs at her release.

Xena, PGB and FMB (FMB not tagged) were released into WMS on 2/15/06 between 1030 and 1230. There were at least 14 manatees in the creek.

Xena socialized and explored the banks after her releases. PGB and FMB also explored the banks but spent time socializing with each other and had not discovered the group of manatees just down the creek upon our departure.

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