About Stormy

Gender: Male
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Stormy was released again last winter and will continue to be tracked through this winter to make sure he understands how to behave like a manatee born in the wild during the chilly Florida winter.

Stormy is a male manatee born in captivity at Miami Seaquarium in July 1985. He is the son of Ariel and Romeo. In 1986, he was transferred to Homosassa Springs State Park where he lived for four years until being moved again to Lowry Park Zoo. Stormy is one of the first longer term captives to be released into the wild. He was released in the winter of 2002 and was subsequently brought back to Lowry Park Zoo when it was found that he had lost too much weight. Winter 2003 marks the MRP's second attempt at releasing Stormy. He will be tracked with special interest by researchers since he does not have any previous wild experience.

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