About PGB

Gender: Female
Current Tag Id:

PGB is a female manatee that was rescued as an orphan at Passagrille Channel, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County on 9/1/04.  PGB was 188 cm in length and weighed 213 lbs.  PGB was taken to Lowry Park to recover, grow and gain weight.  PGB was released on 2/15/06 at Warm Mineral Springs with two other rehabilitated manatees.  PGB was 265 cm in length and weighed 910 lbs ather release.

Xena, PGB and FMB (FMB not tagged) were released into WMS on 2/15/06 between 1030 and 1230.  There were at least 14 manatees in the creek.

There are currently no field notes for PGB.

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