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Gender: Female
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Jackie was rescued from entrapment in San Carlos Creek in Jacksonville, Duval County, FL, in 8/16/07. She was 118 cm long and only 66 lbs. She was brought to SeaWorld Orlando to rehabilitate and now weighs 770 lbs and measures 244 cm long. Jackie was released at Blue Spring State Park on Tuesday, 2/15/11, by SeaWorld Florida, Blue Spring staff and volunteers, and Sea To Shore Alliance. She was given a yellow tag.

  1. 03/08/2012 08:14 PM
    • There was a Jackie sighting on March 4. In the late afternoon, a 5 – 6 foot entangled manatee trailing a black buoy was reported near the boat ramp in Debary. The manatee was hanging out in the lilly pads between some docked sailboats. About 2 hours later the manatee was confirmed to be Jackie with a black algae covered tag. 
      On March 7 a call came in from Blue Spring State Park staff that Jackie had rolled into Blue Spring around 9:30am.   FWC was going to be in the area and offered to cut off her belt.  We received a call from FWC at 12:52pm that Jackie's belt had been removed, that she looked great and was "very thick in the middle".  Thank you Christie of FWC for helping out!  Jackie did great adapting back into the wild this year and is considered a success within the MRP project.
  2. 01/12/2012 08:34 PM
    • Jackie traveled in Snake Creek on Wednesday, 12/21/11.   She was heading south by herself, then stopped in a patch of pennywort, spatterdock, and water grasses and began feeding.   Volunteer Bill Walsh was able to get a good look at her back during the visual and no new scars were seen. On Wednesday, 12/28/11, Jackie bottom-rested with 4-5 others across from the last observation area before the swimming area in the run at Blue Springs.   On Wednesday, 1/04/12, she milled with several others across from the last observation area before the swimming area, then traveled with one other towards the river.    She then went outside the run and socialized at the end of the tour boat dock for about 10 minutes then went further out into the other side of the river.  On Friday, 1/06/12, she bottom-rested and fed on algae from a fallen tree in the run across from the first observation deck briefly, but then began-bottom resting again.  On Tuesday, 1/10/12, Jackie began the day by socializing and cavorting with other animals in the run at Blue Spring and then traveled southbound down the river until reaching Snake Creek when she went into the vegetation and began feeding on spatterdock and pennywort.  
  3. 11/23/2011 10:47 PM
    • Jackie was seen on Tuesday, 11/08/11, feeding and traveling by herself outside Blue Spring.   On Tuesday, 11/15/11, she bottom-rested at Blue Spring, then socialized, traveled south, and fed with 4 other animals. On Wednesday, 11/16/11, she socialized with 5 others and fed in an area cove. She traveled out of Blue Spring by herself on Tuesday, 11/22/11.

  4. 10/21/2011 10:45 PM
    • On Thursday, 9/29/11, Jackie was seen at Hontoon Island State Park avoiding passing boats and traveling toward Lake Beresford, then bottom-resting.   She had no new scars on her back as of this visual.  She cavorted, fed on water lettuce and spatterdock, and milled in the St. Johns on Wednesday, 10/05/11.  On Tuesday, 10/11/11, she milled in Blue Spring by herself but interacted with swimmers.  She milled in the vegetation in the lagoon near Blue Spring and investigated canoes there on Thursday, 10/13/11.  She appeared to be by herself, but there were other animals nearby.  She milled, traveled, and dove to avoid boats in Lake Monroe on Thursday, 10/20/11.

  5. 09/27/2011 10:43 PM
    • Jackie was seen on Saturday, 9/03/11, in the cove bottom-resting by herself. She was next seen on Friday, 9/09/11, in a cove south of High Banks with 4 other animals, where she milled and bottom-rested. On Thursday, 9/15/11, she traveled, milled, and bottom-rested by herself on the shoreline of the river north of Big Whirl.  She has not been approaching our anchored boat during the last few visuals. On Tuesday, 9/20/11, she was observed traveling north along the shoreline of High Banks. She fed for awhile before bottom-resting.  She was by herself. She socialized with two other animals and sought human interaction at Blue Spring on Sunday, 9/25/11.
  6. 09/06/2011 03:24 PM
    • 8/12/11-9/06/11: Jackie milled, bottom-rested, and fed with one other animal in Dutchman’s Bend creek on Thursday, 8/11/11.  Her tag was recovered in this same cove on Thursday, 8/18/11, in the vegetation.  She was seen on Friday, 8/19/11, in a cove south of High Banks, milling, socializing, and feeding with one other animal.  Attempts to re-tag her were not successful.  She was again milling and feeding with another animal in the same location on Saturday, 8/20/11, and again not able to be re-tagged.  On Tuesday, 8/30/11, she was re-tagged at Blue Spring where she was milling, traveling, and socializing with two other animals.  Aside from the scars on her back, Jackie looks great and has a rounded belly.  Thanks so much to park staff and to volunteers Bill and Jason for all their help in this process!

      7/26/11-8/11/11: Jackie was seen on Tuesday, 7/26/11, milling, traveling, and feeding with one other animal in a cove south of High Banks marina.  Gas was seen from her twice during the visual, a further indication that she has been feeding.  On Friday, 7/29/11, and on Saturday, 7/30/11, she milled and bottom-rested by herself in the same area.  She socialized and fed with 5 other animals in an oxbow north of the entrance to the Wekiva River on Monday, 8/01/11.  The others began to cavort at one point but she didn’t seem to join, just stayed nearby.  On Thursday, 8/04/11, she socialized and milled with one other animal in Dutchman’s Bend creek.  She has a new 3-4 inch scar on her upper back and some more thin superficial scratches as well.  

      6/24/11-7/11/11: Jackie was seen on Saturday, 7/02/11, milling and socializing with one other animal on the south bank off the main channel north of Lake Monroe.  On Wednesday, 7/06/11, she socialized and cavorted with one other animal in a cove south of Blue Spring.  Lots of vegetation was available there.  On Thursday, 7/07/11, she milled, traveled, and avoided boats by staying close to the bank near the entrance to the Wekiva River with two other animals.

      6/02/11-6/23/11: Jackie was observed on Tuesday, 6/07/11, south of Blue Spring in the river, milling and feeding with one other animal.  Gas was seen from her during the visual, indicative of feeding, and lots of vegetation was available in the area.  On Monday, 6/13/11, she was seen in the channel  northwest of Lake Monroe, bottom-resting and milling by herself.  On Friday, 6/17/11, she milled with one other animal close to the bank in the channel north of Lake Monroe, and on Wednesday, 6/22/11, she socialized, milled, and stayed close to the bank to avoid passing boats south of High Banks.  

      5/16/11-6/01/11: Jackie was seen socializing with two other animals near an oxbow north of Lake Monroe on Wednesday, 5/18/11.  She now has a large white propeller mark in the center of her back.  She was seen again there milling by herself on Thursday, 5/19/11.  Gas was seen from her during this visual, showing that she has been feeding.  On Saturday, 5/28/11, she fed on with one other animal in a canal south of Blue Spring.  Unfortunately during these visuals large gators were nearby and displaying territorial behavior, but we are looking for the first opportunity to re-tag her.  Fortunately, though, she is choosing slow zones with lots of vegetation available.

      4/23/11-5/15/11: Jackie was seen milling and approaching an anchored boat by herself near the Wekiva River on Wednesday, 4/27/11, and again on Thursday, 4/28/11.  On Thursday, 5/05/11, she appeared to be in a mating herd north of Lake Monroe with two other animals, then approached the anchored research vessel.  Bill was able to get a full-body look at her and saw that she is in good condition.  She was seen again on Saturday, 5/14/11, in the southwest corner of Lake Monroe, milling with one other animal.  She now appears to have lost her tag, but she will be belt-tracked until it can be re-attached in an area with fewer large gators.

      4/11/11-4/21/11: Jackie was observed on Sunday, 4/17/11, with 5 other animals a few miles south of Blue Spring in the river.  The group cavorted, socialized, and traveled away from passing boats.  However, during the visual Jackie approached 2 boats after they had been shut off and anchored for some time.  She traveled away from each one after staying there a few moments.  On Thursday, 4/21/11, she socialized and cavorted with at least 8 other animals south of High Banks.  She appeared to be observing the cavorting from the sidelines more than actively participating.  After a few hours she approached my anchored boat by herself and stayed quietly beside it for about 20 minutes before starting the motor caused her to leave.

      3/25/11-4/10/11: Jackie was seen on Friday, 4/08/11, in the creek south of Dutchman’s Bend, traveling, milling, and feeding on tape grass.  Gas was seen from her during the visual, indicating she has been feeding, and she was with one other animal briefly.  The area was in a slow speed zone and offered large amounts of vegetation.

      3/11/11-3/24/11: Jackie was seen on Saturday, 3/19/11, and Sunday, 3/20/11, milling and socializing with other animals at Blue Spring and traveling out.  She was seen again on Wednesday, 3/23/11, feeding with a mother and calf south of Blue Spring.

      3/01/11-3/10/11: She was seen on Sunday, 3/06/11, with two other animals, traveling out of Blue Spring toward the oxbow.  Later that afternoon she returned to the river cruise dock at the spring by herself.  She was reported to have approached a swimmer in the spring.  On Monday, 3/07/11, she milled from the swim area to the first observation platform of the spring where she met up with 2 adults and a calf and the group promptly settled in to bottom-rest.  When a canoe came up the run she approached it slowly for about a minute before returning to the others to socialize.  Thanks so much to our volunteer Adella and the staff at Blue Spring for sharing their sightings of Jackie.

  7. 04/20/2011 08:19 PM
    • 2/15/11-2/28/11: She was seen on Friday, 2/18/11, at Blue Spring near the entrance. She was milling with about 9-10 animals nearby.

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