About Pilgrim

Gender: Male
Current Tag Id:

Pilgrim is a male manatee rescued on November 20, 2012, because of a watercraft injury.  He was found in Key Largo when he was 175 cm long and weighed 275 lbs and brought in to Miami Seaquarium for rehabilitation.  At a recent health assessment he had grown to 229 cm in length and weighed 620 lbs.  Pilgrim was released in Key Largo on February 27, 2014. 

  1. 03/24/2014 04:00 PM
    • On 3/24/14, we got a call from a citizen in Key Largo who found Pilgrim's entire set of equipment near his dock.  The belt had broken at its weak link with the tag and tether still attached.  The citizen described hearing from his neighbor that the belt may have snagged on his neighbor's boat propeller when Pilgrim swam by.  Pilgrim was still in the area late that afternoon according to the citizen, who agreed to let us know the next morning if he was still there so we could attempt to free-belt.  However, he had left the area by then. 

  2. 03/14/2014 12:01 PM
    • Pilgrim cavorted in a group of 5-6 in Hurricane Harbor in Key Largo. 

  3. 03/13/2014 03:00 PM
    • FWC Officer Rafter spotted Pilgrim in Little Buttonwood Sound associating with a mother-calf pair, and the three were feeding in the shallow waters.  The trio demonstrated boat avoidance.  He said all three looked happy as could be, churning up the bottom, feeding. 

  4. 03/11/2014 02:30 PM
    • Pilgrim was seen in a cavorting group of 3-4 in Hurricane Harbor in Key Largo.  There were also 4 additional animals in the area.  He appeared to notice people who came out on their docks to see the animals but the other 2 he was particularly social with were more interested in the people than he was; he stayed a distance away from the docks.  Then he socialized with those particular 2 animals of the group, following them around. 

  5. 03/03/2014 01:00 PM
    • He was seen socializing with 4 other adult manatees in the Key Largo Trailer Village, one of whom was potentially identified as Patsy (a well-known female serial entangler).  He followed and made sexual advances towards Patsy for most of the observation period.  Fresh water is said to be available in this canal system. 

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