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Kringle was rescued for cold stress from Kennedy Point Marina in Titusville, Brevard County, Florida on December 28, 2008. He was only 195 cm long with a previous watercraft scar and was missing his right pectoral flipper, probably due to an entanglement, but both of these had healed at the time of his rescue. Kringle was transported to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida to recover and then was moved to The Living Seas at Disney World, also in Orlando. Kringle was released back into the wild into Brevard County on February 8, 2010. He weighed 828 lbs and was 245 cm long on the day of his release. On 4/06/10, Kringle was rescued from Manatee Cove in Indian River near Cape Canaveral, FL, for dehydration, malnutrition, and stagnant behavior. He was then brought in to Miami Seaquarium. He was re-released at Kars Park in Banana River on 5/18/10, but then captured again for cold stress in Green Cove Springs, FL, on 12/08/10 and brought to Seaworld Orlando. Kringle now weighs 770 lbs and measures 246 cm long. He was released again at the Canaveral FPL power plant in February 2011.

  1. 12/04/2011 12:22 AM
    • 10/26/11-12/03/11: Kringle was last seen in June in the Green Cove Springs area.

  2. 12/03/2011 11:11 PM
    • Kringle was last seen in June in the Green Cove Springs area.

  3. 10/26/2011 11:10 PM
    • Kringle was last seen in the Green Cove Springs area in late June.

  4. 09/26/2011 11:09 PM
    • Kringle was last seen in the Green Cove Springs area in late June.

  5. 04/20/2011 09:11 PM
    • 12/02/10-12/12/10: Kringle was observed on Monday, 12/06/10, in Jurlington Creek in the St. Johns River. He was by himself, milling and traveling back and forth along the creek. Because of the low temperature and the fact that he was by himself and going back and forth in the creek not appearing to know where he was going, a capture was organized for Wednesday, 12/08/10. On that day Kringle was found by himself again milling and traveling along the east coast of the river. FWC, Sea To Shore Alliance, and volunteers made up the capture crew, and Dr. Beth Nolan from Disneys The Living Seas performed a health assessment. Kringle had a flat belly and some skin sloughing. His bloodwork suggested some dehydration. He was transported to SeaWorld Orlando for care and will be released at a later date. Much appreciation for everyones help with this capture. 

      11/23/10-12/01/10: Kringle was observed on Monday, 11/29/10, on the west coast of the St. Johns River south of Green Cove Springs. He appeared to be with one other animal but conditions were extremely choppy and windy so that was difficult to confirm. They were very close to shore where there were thick mats of vegetation; he was milling and could possibly have been feeding.

  6. 04/20/2011 09:11 PM
    • 11/04/10-11/22/10: Kringle has moved from the east bank of the St. Johns River around Magnolia Landing to the west bank of the river around marker 25, staying close to shore. 

      10/25/10-11/03/10: Kringle was seen on Wednesday, 11/03/10, south of Green Cove Springs. He was with 4 other animals, socializing and investigating my boat after it had been shut down and anchored for a few minutes. Water temperature was 24.5C. Vegetation was available in the area. 

      10/14/10-10/24/10: Kringle has stayed on the east coast of the St. Johns River south of Green Cove Springs, moving south to Solano Point. 

      10/03/10-10/13/10: Kringle has been moving along the east shore of the St. Johns River between Green Cove Springs and Palatka, staying mostly close to the eastern shore and out of the channel. 

      9/20/10-10/02/10: Kringle has been moving along the east coast of the St. Johns River south of Green Cove Springs. 

      9/08/10-9/19/10: Kringle has stayed on the east coast of the St. Johns River around Watson Island. 

      8/31/10-9/07/10: Boynton stayed around Barker Island this week, going north of Hole in the Wall Island on Monday, 8/30/10. 

      8/21/10-8/30/10: Boynton was observed on Saturday, 8/28/10, in a canal at Grand Harbor in the Vero Beach area of Indian River. He was involved in a mating herd with 4 other animals. A tag exchange was attempted but not accomplished due to the mating activity. Thanks so much to Christie and Megan for all their assistance. 

      8/11/10-8/20/10: Boynton moved slightly south from Barker Island in Indian River this week, going into the canals around the Chambers Cove area on Wednesday, 8/11/10. 

      7/28/10-8/10/10: Boynton was observed on Monday, 8/02/10, in Grand Harbor down in Vero Beach, acting normally. 

      8/31/10-9/07/10: Kringle was observed on Friday, 9/03/10, in a cove across from Green Cove Springs. He was with two other animals, socializing and milling. Melody was able to get an in-water body condition on him, during which no new scars were seen and his belly had no folds. Gas was observed from him during the visual, indicating that he has been feeding. 

      8/21/10-8/30/10: Kringle has stayed in the St. Johns River on the east coast across from Green Cove Springs, in the Jack Wright Island area. 

      8/11/10-8/20/10: On Wednesday, 8/11/10, Kringle began traveling north up the Intracoastal Waterway and on Sunday, 8/15/10, entered the St. Johns River in Jacksonville. He has been continuing south down the river. 

      7/28/10-8/10/10: Kringle spent last week in the northernmost section of Indian River, then moved south and over to Mosquito Lagoon on Sunday, 8/08/10. 

      7/14/10-7/27/10: Kringle has gone from Banana River to Indian River, first going south to the 405 bridge area on Friday, 7/16/10, and then north to the northernmost part of the river on Wednesday, 7/21/10. 

      6/19/10-6/29/10: Kringle has moved from the 528 bridge to the northernmost area of Banana River this week. 

      6/10/10 6/18/10: Kringle stayed on the east coast of Banana River south of the 528 bridge this week. 

      6/02/10 6/09/10: Kringle was south of the 528 bridge in Banana River early in the week, then moved north and ended the week on the west coast of the river north of the bridge. 

      5/25/10 6/01/10: Kringle was observed on Wednesday, 5/26/10, on the east coast of Banana River south of the 528 bridge. He was moving around in a shallow Idle Speed area near shore and it was not possible to determine if he was within a group of other animals, but there were many other manatees in the area. 

      5/18/10-5/24/10: Kringle was re-released into a small cove on the west side of Indian River on Tuesday, 5/18/10, with a large group of manatees nearby to socialize with. Later that week he moved across Indian River to the east side near Cape Canaveral.

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