About Holly

Gender: Female
Current Tag Id:

Holly was rescued from entrapment at the St. Lucie power plant in St. Lucie County, FL, on 12/27/95. She was 180 cm long and weighed 240 lbs. She was brought to SeaWorld in Orlando, FL, to rehabilitate, and also spent time at the Columbus Zoo and Homosassa Springs State Park. She was released on 2/09/11 in Earman River by SeaWorld, FWC, and Sea To Shore Alliance, along with Pigpen from Miami Seaquarium. Holly was given a red and orange tag. She is currently 338 cm long and weighs 1975 lbs.

  1. 07/06/2012 06:11 PM
    • On July 2 Holly was seen traveling the entire time with a fast moving group of 7 adults and 2 calves. 
      As of July 5, Holly had lost her tag. A local citizen recovered the tag, tether and clip and returned them to FWC. Sea to Shore staff is attempting to locate her.
  2. 06/22/2012 07:27 PM
    • On June 19 Holly’s tag was recovered in Crane Creek.  The snap shackle had broken. 

      On June 21 Holly was retagged with her original tag.  



  3. 06/07/2012 07:12 PM
    • On June 6 Holly was seen traveling west heading into Crane Creek. She was with a group of animals swimming closely together, all traveling in the same direction.

  4. 05/31/2012 09:41 PM
    • On May 31 Holly was traveling with the two other animals throughout the observation. Holly was in the lead for most of the time but she hung back when the other animal took the lead.

  5. 05/22/2012 09:25 PM
    • On May 22 Holly was seen traveling for most of the observation. After surface resting for a while Brenden entered the water and was able to exchange her tag, clipping onto the original joiner and removing the old tag with little to no reaction from her.

  6. 05/18/2012 09:21 PM
    • On May 18, Holly was resting on the surface when spotted. She allowed Brenden to wade up to her and clip the tag on with no reaction.  She was retagged at 1352 hours. 

  7. 05/10/2012 08:40 PM
    • On May 10 Holly was traveling for most of the observation. While doing this she would stop and eat from the trees hanging in the water.  She was then observed resting on the surface.  There were other animals in area.

  8. 05/03/2012 06:24 PM
    • On May 2 Holly was observed resting on the surface with her other friends. She stayed within 10 feet of the shore in 3 feet of water.
      On May 3 Holly was traveling west throughout the observation. She was the leader of the group today with the two other animals sticking right by her side.
  9. 04/28/2012 06:16 PM
    • On April 27 Holly was eating off an old cast net that had a lot of growth on it.  I had gone into the water since I wasn't sure what she was eating.  Once I saw what it was, I got in her way and removed the net which had numerous hooks. She didn't seem to mind that I was in the water and let me stay close.  Her sonic is working fine.
      On April 28 Holly was eating algae off the rocks along the shore for most the observation period. During this time she was also traveling west along the shore. She then proceeded to travel under a bridge where people were fishing. After passing, one of their lines got caught on her belt I had to get in the water and remove the hook from the belt. She was not happy but did not mind that I was with her. I then did another in-water observation to make sure all fishing equipment had been removed.  
  10. 04/20/2012 12:39 PM
    • On April 19 Holly was resting on the surface for most of the time. During the other part of the observation she was socializing. She touched noses a couple times then another manatee proceeded to bump her many times. She did not seem to mind and just rested at the surface while this went on. 
      On April 20 Holly was resting on the surface with other animals. Her sonic was working fine.  I wasn't able to do in a water assessment due to sun light glare
  11. 04/14/2012 11:53 AM
    • On April 1 Holly was observed traveling sw then started going north.  
      On April 10 Holly was traveling east, moving at a quick rate of speed. She seemed very determined. Could not do an in water observation due to her movement. 
      On April 12 Holly was just west of where she was seen during the last observation. This time she was with a group of animals traveling west back into the river. She stopped for a while to eat mangroves growing on the side then proceeded to continue west. Again no body assessment due to her movement but I’ll try again next time. 
  12. 04/05/2012 10:13 PM
    • On April 1 Holly was seen traveling with a group of animals who were very interested in her but kept their distance. She traveled southwest and north.
      On April 3 Holly was again seen traveling with a group of animals who were very interested in her but there were no signs of mating. After about 35 minutes of traveling the group came to a rest and started surface resting. I could not get a good visual on her body but willl try again on my next trip.
      On April 5 Holly was found at the very end of the river. The depths at times were only a foot and a half. When spotted she was swimming northeast, away from the end of the river. Most of the time she traveled. After going north she found a bay and started eating from trees and algae. She then proceeded to head north. 
  13. 03/30/2012 10:21 PM
    • On March 29 Holly was cavorting for the entire observation period.   She did not seem tired, was taking normal breaths and was able to handle the other animals well.  The water clarity was not conducive to an in-water assessment.
  14. 03/23/2012 02:45 PM
    • On March 23, Holly was observed surface and bottom resting and eating floating mangrove leafs. She was close to other animals but not socializing.
  15. 03/19/2012 02:43 PM
    • On March 18 Holly’s tag disconnected at the top joiner.
      On March 19, Holly was observed surface resting and started to swim away when approached for re-tagging. But she was retagged with the first attempt in less than 5 minutes; she swam the entire time but didn’t seem to mind.  Afterwards she swam east under the bridge. Water clarity wasn’t conducive to an in water assessment.
  16. 03/01/2012 12:26 AM
    • On March 1 Holly traveled south west and stopped at a cove to mill around. She stayed away from the boat again.

  17. 02/21/2012 12:33 AM
    • On Feb 21 Holly was traveling East with the other animals and is starting to stay away from the boat more.
  18. 01/05/2012 08:18 PM
    • Holly’s tag was recovered on the eastern end of Earman River closest to Munyon Island on Thursday, 12/08/11. Brenden re-tagged her on Friday, 12/09/11, at the entrance to a lagoon in the Earman River where she was bottom-resting by herself. On Thursday, 12/15/11, she bottom-rested by herself again in the lagoon. On Saturday, 12/31/11, John Cassady from FWC’s southeast field station recovered her tag in a canal north of Munyon Island in North Palm Beach, attached only to the top joiner of a tether which must have pulled off. Brenden located her surface-resting with one other animal in the Earman River on Tuesday, 1/03/12, missing her belt as well as her tag, but fortunately he was able to free-belt her. On Wednesday, 1/04/12, she bottom-rested in a lagoon of Earman River with 3 other animals. 
  19. 11/17/2011 08:07 PM
    • Holly was seen on Saturday, 10/29/11, socializing with one other animal in Earman River. On Friday, 11/11/11, she bottom-rested there by herself at a bridge. The water temperature there was 20.5 C. She surface-rested with 3 other animals on Wednesday, 11/16/11.

  20. 10/21/2011 07:58 PM
    • On Friday, 9/23/11, Holly was seen in the northwest canal off Little Lake Worth bottom-resting by herself where Brenden was able to exchange her tag.  She was bottom-resting by herself there again on Thursday, 9/29/11.  On Friday, 9/30/11, she milled and traveled by herself near Munyon Island.  She was seen bottom-resting back at the Earman River spillway on Thursday, 10/06/11.  On Wednesday, 10/12/11, she surface-rested with one other animal east of the spillway.  Her tag was then recovered in northern Little Lake Worth on Wednesday, 10/19/11, but on Thursday, 10/20/11, Brenden located her back at the Earman River spillway again and was able to re-tag her there.

  21. 09/24/2011 07:50 PM
    • Holly was observed on Tuesday, 9/20/11, in Little Lake Worth. She socialized, milled, traveled, and bottom-rested with 2 other animals. She bottom-rested on Friday, 9/23/11, by herself in the northern Lake Worth area, where Brenden was able to exchange her tag. 

  22. 09/07/2011 03:22 PM
    • 8/12/11-9/06/11: Holly was captured on Friday, 8/12/11, in the Earman River, with the purpose of relocating her to an area with better quality food so that she could be better prepared for winter.   That day she had been milling and socializing with 4 other animals.  After her health assessment it was determined by Dr. Maya Rodriguez from Miami Seaquarium that she did not need to come in to captivity for critical care, so she was released into the grass flats area east of the Earman River.  On Saturday morning, 8/13/11, she socialized with two other large animals in that area and she already began feeding with them that day in the grass beds.
      Thanks very much to SeaWorld Florida, FWC, and Miami Seaquarium, as well as Kauff’s Towing and Palm Beach law enforcement and rangers, for everyone’s combined effort in moving Holly so we can better set her up for a successful winter.
      On Sunday, 8/14/11, she bottom-rested, milled, fed, and socialized with two other animals in the Intercoastal Waterway in the northern Lake Worth area.  On Friday, 8/19/11, she was seen in a cavorting group with 5 other animals.  On Thursday, 8/25/11, she bottom-rested with two other animals east of the Earman River entrance.  She milled with two other animals in that area on Tuesday, 9/06/11, and also approached the research vessel. 

      7/26/11-8/11/11: Holly was seen in a possible mating herd with two other animals in the Earman River on Thursday, 7/21/11.  On Friday, 7/22/11, she milled and fed on surface vegetation with 3 other animals there.  Gas was seen several times during the visual, another sign she has been feeding.  She surface-rested with one other animal on Tuesday, 7/26/11, and milled there by herself on Thursday, 7/28/11, at which time her tag was recovered and Brenden was able to re-tag her.  On Saturday, 7/30/11, she surface-rested and cavorted with 3 other animals.  She milled and traveled with 2 other animals on Tuesday, 8/02/11, and surface-rested by herself on Wednesday, 8/03/11. Holly’s full set of equipment--tag, tether, and belt--were recovered on Friday, 8/05/11, washed up on a bank along the Earman River.  That evening she was sighted socializing and bottom-resting with 4 other animals, but attempts to free-belt her were unsuccessful.  Fortunately, the next day Brenden was able to free-belt Holly and re-attach her equipment as she socialized and fed with 3 other animals.  This was Brenden’s first free-belting effort and he was successful even in dark water.  Congratulations Brenden!

      7/12/11-7/25/11: She milled, traveled, and surface-rested with one other animal in the Earman River on Sunday, 7/10/11.  On Monday, 7/11/11, she milled by herself.  She milled and socialized with one other animal on Wednesday, 7/13/11, when Monica was able to get an in-water body condition on her.  She looked good and passed gas at least three times; there was possibly a fecal from her as well.  On Thursday, 7/14/11, she was feeding on surface vegetation.  On Sunday, 7/17/11, she milled, socialized, surface-rested, and fed with two other animals.  She surface-rested with two other animals on Monday, 7/18/11. 

      6/24/11-7/11/11: On Monday, 6/19/11, Holly milled and traveled in the Earman River with 2 other animals.  She bottom-rested slightly further down the canal by herself on Wednesday, 6/22/11.  On Thursday, 6/23/11, she milled by herself.  She surface-rested by herself on Tuesday, 6/28/11. 

      6/02/11-6/23/11: On Thursday, 6/02/11, Holly milled and socialized with 3 other animals in Earman River.  On Sunday, 6/05/11, she surface-rested there with 4 other animals.  She surface-rested and milled with 2 other animals on Thursday, 6/09/11, and fed on shoreline vegetation with 3 other animals on Friday, 6/10/11.  She was seen again feeding on vegetation along the shoreline on Saturday, 6/11/11, with one other animal.  On Tuesday, 6/14/11, she was in a possible mating herd with 3 other animals, and her tag was recovered nearby later that day so it could have possibly come off during all the activity.  Brenden re-tagged Holly on Friday, 6/17/11, when she was bottom-resting with 3 other animals and approached him briefly when he entered the water.

      5/16/11-6/01/11: Holly milled with one other animal in Earman River on Wednesday, 5/18/11.  On Thursday morning, 5/19/11, she bottom-rested by herself.  She milled and traveled with one other animal on Saturday, 5/21/11.
      Holly’s tag was recovered in Earman River on Friday, 5/27/11.  She was observed there with one other animal on Saturday, 5/28/11, feeding on surface vegetation.  She approached Brenden briefly in the water and then traveled away; she was not able to be re-tagged.  On Sunday, 5/29/11, she bottom-rested, milled, and socialized with three other animals.  On Monday, 5/30/11, she was with two other animals but was milling the entire time.  On Wednesday, 6/01/11, she was socializing with three other animals, and Brenden re-tagged her then.

      4/23/11-5/15/11: Holly was seen in Earman River on Friday, 4/22/11, with one other animal.  She socialized, rested on the surface and the bottom, milled, and traveled.  On Tuesday, 4/26/11, she surface- and bottom-rested, then did a lot of socializing with two other animals, including mouthing on them, and fed.  She socialized and milled with two other animals on Thursday, 4/28/11.  On Friday, 4/29/11, Holly was bottom-resting with two other animals.  On Saturday, 4/30/11, she socialized with two other animals, traveled briefly, and surface-rested.  She surface-rested there with two other animals on Sunday, 5/01/11.  Still with two other animals on Tuesday, 5/03/11, she bottom-rested.  
      Holly was in the same area of Earman River with two other animals on Friday, 5/06/11, socializing, milling, and surface-resting, but she had lost her tag.  She was cavorting with 7 other animals on Saturday, 5/07/11.  On Sunday, 5/08/11, Brenden was able to approach her in the water as she surface-rested there with four other animals and re-attach the tag.  Congratulations, Brenden, on your first re-tagging!
      Holly milled and surface-rested on Wednesday, 5/12/11, by herself.  On Saturday, 5/14/11, Buddy was able to get an in-water body condition assessment on her and found that she looked good and still has fat rolls.  He also saw gas from her that day, indicating she has been feeding. 

      4/11/11-4/21/11: Holly was seen on Tuesday, 4/12/11, by herself in the Earman River.  Early that morning she bottom-rested briefly, then milled and appeared to be watching as the bottom-feeders were refilled.  On Thursday, 4/14/11, she socialized with another large adult, but did not seem interested in the feeder.  On Sunday, 4/17/11, she was at the spillway with a subadult animal, possibly a male. They milled slowly, socialized, and bottom-rested.  A surface-feeding station was constructed and tethered to a dock to supplement the bottom-feeders.  She investigated and mouthed the lettuce but did not eat.

      On Monday, 4/18/11, Buddy attempted an in-water body condition assessment.  Her general condition appeared to be very good, with rolls of fat apparent around her head and peduncle.  No rolls were apparent on her belly but visibility in the area was very poor.   Holly was still socializing with the other animal on Tuesday, 4/19/11, in the same area.  Later they began to mill and travel.  She did not appear to have interest in the feeders.

      3/25/11-4/10/11: Holly socialized with one juvenile animal in the Earman River on Sunday, 3/27/11.  She milled and traveled by herself there on Thursday, 3/31/11, at which time an in-water body condition assessment was attempted but Holly was evasive. 
      Because of concern that Holly has not left that area since her release, a bottom-feeding station was set up with romaine lettuce and placed close to Holly on Monday evening, 4/04/11.  We hope that feeding from it will help avoid dehydration and that it can eventually be used to guide her out to better feeding grounds.  She did not appear to have fed from it by Tuesday, 4/05/11; however, gas was observed from her that day as she milled by herself, indicating activity in her gastrointestinal tract.  On Thursday, 4/07/11, she socialized with another large adult and traveled east down the canal, then turned around and began to head back when separated from the other animal.  To encourage her to travel further out, the feeder was placed near her at this time while she was further east down the canal.  Between Saturday, 4/09/11, and Sunday, 4/10/11, she is believed to have eaten several lettuce heads from the feeder since no other animals were observed in the area at that time.

      3/11/11-3/24/11: Holly was seen milling in Earman River by herself on Monday, 3/14/11.  A period of frequent, shallow respirations were observed during the visual.  By the next morning her respirations were at normal intervals again and she bottom-rested and milled in the same area.  On Saturday, 3/19/11, she was bottom-resting there by herself, and she left the area and moved down the river briefly on Tuesday, 3/22/11.

      3/01/11-3/10/11: She bottom-rested, milled, and socialized with a mother-calf pair in Earman River on Thursday, 3/03/11.  On Tuesday, 3/08/11, she was in the same area surface-resting, traveling, and milling by herself.

  23. 04/20/2011 08:21 PM
    • 2/10/11-2/28/11: Holly was observed on Friday, 2/11/11, in the Earman River in Southwest Bay by herself, milling and traveling. She was seen again there on Tuesday, 2/15/11, socializing with one other animal and feeding. On Thursday, 2/24/11, she bottom-rested in the spillway of the Earman River.

Data map is currently not present for Holly.