About Joy

Gender: Female
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Joy, a female manatee, was rescued on December 13, 2013, because she was an orphan with cold stress.  She was found in St. Joe's Creek in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, and was 155 cm long and weighed 207 lbs at the time.  She was brought to Lowry Park Zoo for rehabilitation.  During a health assessment in December 2015 she had grown to 245 cm long and weighed 740 lbs.  Joy was released at the TECO power plant in Tampa on January 29, 2016, and will be monitored for one year by biologists from Sea To Shore Alliance. 

  1. 03/07/2016 02:30 PM
    • Joy's entire set of equipment was recovered from the canal at TECO, including her belt, so she will not be able to be re-tagged for monitoring.

  2. 03/06/2016 01:02 PM
    • She was interacting with 2 to 3 other adult manatees within a larger group of 20 at the TECO plant.  After about 13 minutes she began milling near the canal wall, stopping to socialize with one other manatee for 5 minutes before resuming milling along the wall.

  3. 03/03/2016 12:30 PM
    • Joy stayed along the north wall of the TECO canal 3/4 of the way down past the end of the pier.  She milled for the entire visual.

  4. 02/25/2016 12:45 PM
    • Joy was among the group of other animals at the TECO plant but was staying to the outside.  For a very short period of time she socialized with a smaller animal, circling and running her nose over her.  Then she traveled up the canal past the viewing platform and under the pipes.  She was also staying near a broken portion of the wall with vegetation hanging over it as if she was considering if or how to eat.  Respiration was consistently 5 minutes. Several white lesions observed around her nose area, especially under her right eye.  Was able to observe her body in shallow water several times and did not see lesions anywhere else on her body.

  5. 02/24/2016 10:10 AM
    • She mostly stayed on bottom among the sparse population of 15 other animals at the TECO plant that day, coming up for regular 4-minute respirations.  She briefly socialized with a mother and calf and one other animal at the surface.  Winds were very high today (23 mph).  Ambient water temperature beyond the TECO canal was 21 C. 

  6. 02/19/2016 09:07 AM
    • She was resting with 100+ manatees in close vicinity in the canal at the TECO plant.  When approached for an in-water body condition assessment she was alert and in reasonable weight.  A brief view of her belly showed that she was not emaciated, and had slight lighter colored speckling on her face, tail margin, and flippers.  She displayed a healthy avoidance response to our boat and swimmer, and normal respiration was noted.

  7. 02/17/2016 12:30 PM
    • Joy was among at least 100 other animals near the viewing platform at the TECO plant but was staying to the outside of the groupings.  She went between the closest outflow and across from the viewing platform along the north wall.  Respiration was consistently 5 minutes apart.

  8. 02/13/2016 03:30 PM
    • Joy was resting under the surface among many other animals near the viewing platform at the TECO plant.  Respiration was 16 minutes apart while resting and 6 minutes while she was milling.  At least 200 other animals were there in the outflow. 

  9. 02/01/2016 12:49 PM
    • We were unable to get a visual on Joy today as tracking her led us to a restricted canal near the TECO plant.  We will try again this week to get an observation on her. 

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